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NGO Bylaws


NGO Bylaws

Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar Memorial Trust Ngo Bylawws

1) Registered Office of the Trust:- The Registered head Office of the Trust shall be at Door No.3-161, Rasanapalli Village, Papichettypalli Post, Gudipala Mandal, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India and are at such other place or places as the trustees may decide.

2) JURISDICTION OF THE TRUST: Its jurisdiction shall be through out India.

4) OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the trust are:

1.) Establish, take over, and run day care centers, children homes, orphanages and old age homes for deserted elders ad senior citizens.

2.) Promote National Unity, Integrity and harmony among communities.

3.) Promote brotherhood, hospitality, love and work towards peaceful and healthy society.

4.) Final crimination of un-identified dead body

5.) Take up all the charitable services/ assistances that are rendered for the poor & needy, especially the backward, below poverty line, destitute, deserted, disadvantaged communities, irrespective of caste, creed, race and religion.

6.) Assist students of all communities to pursue their studies by providing financial hop, hostel & boarding facilities, clothing and books.

7.) Support, establish, Free Transportation, Free Tours and run schools, from nursery to college level, and technical training centers which would further the cause of education.

8.) Support and assist the needy for medical care free transportation to medical care etc.,

9.) Arrange free health camps, provide health care education on all illnesses / diseases and assist in the improvement of clinics, dispensaries in the rural areas.

10.) Promote welfare activities for physically challenged/ differently able persons.

11.) Conduct environmental awareness campaigns, and assist to reduce air pollution, soil degradation, safe drainage to all communities in rural areas.

12.) Supply free and safe drinking water to all public in rural and semi-urban areas.

13.) Assist agricultural labours/ poor farmers, to improve their economic status, by digging of sinking wells, sprinkler, drip irrigation facilities, and construction of check dams, to increase groundwater rechargel reduce erosion, for irrigation & horticulture purposes and development of vast land and Tree plantation.

14.) Assist rural poor in animal husbandry, poultry/ livestock, and dairy activities to promote their socio-economic growth.

15.) Render service/ grant relief & assistance to all public at the time of epidemic and natural calamities such cyclones, Earth quacks etc.,

16.) Assist in the construction of community halls in rural areas/ villages for schedule caste/ tribe and weaker sections of the society.

17.) Publish/ or assist in the publication of tracts, bulletins, journals, periodicals and books

18.) Conduct seminars, retreats, cultural programmes to divert the youth, youngsters not to waste their time in activities harmful to the community.

19.) Conduct coaching camps and provide sports/ games materials to talented children as per their interest levels and introduction of physical education and children in rural areas.

20.) Formation of ports academies with specialized sports/ games by identifying talents from the children of weaker communities and promote sports culture in the society.

21.) Conduct of better life style management programs/ camps through physical activities/ and establish fitness/ health centers in rural semi-urban areas.

22.) Assist in the formation of self help groups and provide them support services for income generation/ self employment programs.

23.) Establish counseling centers for solving social problems, family disputes, de addiction centers etc.

24.) Assist / provide legal aid to poor / weaker sections of the society and protect them from exploitation.

25.) To undertake such other lawful activities, as decided by the Trust from time to time, that are purely charitable and not motivated for profit, in the larger interest of the community

26.) To Construct 'Go' Shaalas and maintain the well being of the Cows irrespective of their age and to educate people against Cow strengthening & other related activities.

27.) To conduct Vedic recital and YAGHAS and also puranapravachams Music recitals like Harikatha, Nama Sankirathana, Music concerts in praise of God etc., Also to conduct Nagara Sankirthana on week days and on other occasions and also to conduct Bajanas inside the temple during certain specific days in the week, Month etc., 1. Den Rim Dorry

28.) To Conduct free health screening camps for poor, and aged (above 60 years) populations in Rural and Urban areas.

29.) To extend medical aids to the suffering elderly population in rural & Urban areas.

30.) To establish a health care centers for preventive, promotive and curative aspects of elderly population.

31.) To start medical, paramedical institutions and HIVI AIDs Screening, awareness and resource centers to cater the need of the people in the community.